Silver linings

Obligatory year in review! It was rough for a lot of people for various reasons, so instead of talking about the bad stuff, here’s an oldie but goodie.

As for the good stuff, the major thing that happened this year was me joining the local roller derby league, but I made a promise not to turn this into a derby blog so I’ll just say it was a very good thing for me to have done.

Other fun stuff:

  • I didn’t make it to the end of the Swedish Duolingo module like I had wanted to, but I do currently have a 225-day streak, which is pretty cool.
  • I successfully made yogurt last week (that should have gotten its own post but you know how good I am about posting regularly).
  • I started dogsitting for people, which apparently is a big deal. Sure, it means they don’t have to board their dogs and hope really hard no one steals their stuff, but for me, it’s a mini-vacation where I get paid and there’s a dog involved.
  • I figured out how podcasts work (and where the stupid aux port is in my car) so I can archive-binge on my favorite shows while dogsitting or driving to Ithaca.
  • I went back to the good old Finger Lakes three times to visit Christopher and go to the booksale, the cheese festival, the booksale again and of course all the other good Ithaca stuff.
  • I survived a presidential election as a reporter.
  • I worked on a tree farm to get some extra money for Christmas and disappointed myself by spending an entire weekend’s paycheck in an hour. (The third weekend’s paycheck went straight to my savings, so it wasn’t a total loss.)
  • I worked harder at saving money and paid off three of my federal loans.
  • And I suppose I succeeded at adulting and paying bills and such.

Goals for next year: I’d say posting regularly but we know how well that works out. I’m closer to the end of the Duolingo thing so I may see if I can finish that. Paying off more loans as I can. Playing more derby. Maybe saving up for a vacation. We’ll see.


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