Catching up

It’s been three months. I should probably show my face on my own blog.

I haven’t entirely forgotten about it; the links section is continually updated to prove that I’m being a somewhat productive human being. I check the stats regularly, which is how I know about the random viewers coming in from some link on a spam website. I’m not quite sure what they’re looking for, but I hope they found it. And I’ve contemplated writing a post for probably two months now but haven’t come up with an idea that I like enough to be able to talk about for a full post.

Since April:

  • I went back to Ithaca for the first time since graduation, and while it wasn’t as magical as I had hoped, it was nice to be back. We ate at a few of my favorite places, visited the farmers market and the book sale, and even threw in a roller derby bout for good measure. I don’t know if Christopher enjoyed having to go an extra 40 minutes out of our way to Cortland for me to blabber on about Red Rover on wheels for the better part of two hours, but I did.
  • I did end up passing assessments. We had a few extra sessions as we tried to get enough people to become scrimmage eligible so we could actually field a team for the bout on Saturday. I’m still not scrimmage eligible yet, so it’s not the end of the world that I’m missing said bout to go to the Finger Lakes Cheese Festival, but aside from bouncing off people when they hit me or when I hit them and of course the fact that I still fall down all the time, I like to think I’m a solid level 2.
  • I did worky things at work, including finding out that local people are very passionate about ice cream stores and pet pals. The people I talk to for the articles are still very nice and willing to chat, and I’ve done some neat stories (like one on local people doing Pokémon Go and profiles on two graduating seniors who are way cooler than I am), but not even pictures of cute animals are sacred anymore.
  • I started the July session of Camp NaNoWriMo after flopping the April session after maybe 4 days, and it’s going well so far. It’s a new story idea with a fantasy setting so I don’t get as bogged down in the details as I did with the last one.
  • And now I’m going back to Ithaca for the weekend to do the aforementioned cheese festival. Because who needs wine and beer trails when you can have a cheese trail?

I’m hoping to blog more often as I come up with ideas that are relevant in the world of millennials as opposed to me just writing about me, so if anyone has any ideas, let me know.


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