Coming full circle

One nice thing about coming back to work in the same area where I grew up is that I already know a lot about the area. For the most part, I know what things are around here, where they are and how to get there. In my time working here, I’ve also figured out who to talk to in order to get things done. That part comes to fruition Thursday when I go back to my high school to present at Career Day.

I did Career Day when I was there. The basic idea is that you get a sheet with different careers, pick three that you’re interested, and if all goes well, you’re placed into short info sessions with people in those fields where they tell you about what they do and how they got there. I probably did it junior year since learning about this stuff senior year seems a little too late, but regardless it’s a good way for students to learn about different careers.

I remember sitting through sessions with a local radio DJ and thinking that people look way different than they sound, a photographer and thinking I am so not coordinated enough to do that, and a reporter from the paper I now work at. If I remember correctly, she might have even been covering the town I now cover, which is kinda cool. I picked her brain a little at the reception after the session, and even though I couldn’t do an internship (college students only, unpaid plus class credit), she helped give me a better idea of what I was getting myself into.

She moved on before I came here so I wasn’t able to be all “Hey, good job on that presentation five (six? seven?) years ago because here I am.” I’m also not expecting any of the poor saps that have to listen to me babble about student media and my measly 7 months on the job to come back and work here in another five (six? seven?) years. But it’d be pretty cool.

In terms of the presentation itself, I don’t have a whole lot of professional stuff to talk about since I’ve only been here since the end of August, but I think I have a decent run-down. I have four years of college student media experience, which is critical for getting a job after graduation, and I have a pretty good idea of what it takes to get from college to career since I experienced it more recently than almost everyone in the newsroom. As someone who knows how much it sucks to talk to someone who gives two-word answers, I like to talk, so hopefully I won’t have an issue filling the 25-minute segments. The only thing will be whether the fact that I look like a high-schooler will work in my favor with the crowd.


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