Filling the gap

Hello, reader(s) from Brazil! I’m not sure how you found your way here, and I apologize for not having much to say recently, but welcome.

I guess I should give an update. Just completed six months as assistant community editor here, so that’s pretty cool. Here are some of the stories I’ve written for our weeklies lately (and for a full list, check out the portfolio section, or follow The Times on Facebook/Twitter for all of our weekly stuff and some other stories we find interesting):

In addition to that (and the reason why I didn’t say “Oh I have nothing new to say”), I decided to join our local roller derby group. Before you ask, no, I’m not bouting, come back in 2 years and we’ll talk, but I have my own skates and stuff and I can skate forward and sometimes backwards and I can stop in some ways and I’m really good at falling. I mean, we practice how to fall correctly and quickly recover since you need to do that on the track, but it helps when you have a lot of experience falling.

More importantly, though, I’m enjoying the camaraderie of the group. I kind of got screwed in softball because I joined as a freshman in high school, so everyone already knew each other, and even if they weren’t cliquey, a lot of them had 10 years of experience on me. That’s definitely not the case here. Our league is only about 5 years old, and there are a lot of “fresh meat,” which is derby speak for newbies, but even the longstanding members are super friendly and encouraging. We do a lot of community stuff together, which admittedly is partly because we can’t fund ourselves otherwise, but aside from awkwardly realizing that I didn’t know what anyone looked like without helmets for our Moe’s fundraiser last week and possibly being both the youngest and the only one without a kid, it’s a nice group to hang out with; I even went to a Gaelic Storm concert with our secretary and I’ve only been involved for a month.

Once I’m in it for more than a month, I’ll probably do a column for work about it. My next one is about cookbooks, and by cookbooks I mean it’s half about cookbooks and half about how much I love the book sale in Ithaca, which is how I ended up with most of my cookbooks.


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