Not the herbicide. I needed another way to say “year in review,” not a political bashing for making a reference to a company that has ruined the name of a potentially lifesaving technology.


I didn’t do a whole lot of posting this year, so I should probably take this time to wrap things up.

My final semester was pretty good – I only took 15 credits because part of me wanted to give myself a break for taking 18 credits the entire rest of my college career (though I ended up working 30 hours a week instead). My senior capstone, Issues in the News, was really depressing, but it gave me a lot of… well, issues to think about. My fun class, which was the anthropology of travel, did the same thing but in a fun way. My narrative journalism workshop gave me a great excuse to be lardacious and eat at a greasy spoon every Saturday for the entire semester, and it was a fun project. Science Writing apparently wasn’t memorable enough because I had to go back into my transcript to remember I had taken it, but the professor was cool and it was a class I really needed to take considering what I want to do in life. I survived another semester of band on bass clarinet, which really wasn’t that tough aside from those long drone notes in Carmina Burana, but fortunately in the concert there were six of us so I didn’t have to risk passing out. And I got myself into Strings, which I probably wasn’t supposed to do because I’m not a music ed student, but the prof let me and I really enjoyed the class. I mean, where else am I going to be able to learn the basics of a bunch of strings instruments for free? (well, “free” in the sense that I didn’t have to shell out physical money for lessons; it was a credit, so $1,355)

My boyfriend was finally able to come to one of my GSO concerts, but not before his car died on the way up, so his only other driving friend had to bring up the herd. Since we were supposed to eat before the concert and that didn’t end up happening, I got Moe’s delivered so I could drown my upset in tortilla chips, and then we ended up going to the original restaurant after the concert for dessert and drinks.

I had a 7-month remote internship with Modern Notion, which was neat because I got to do science writing stuff without having to drop my entire life’s savings to live in or commute to NYC. It was a valuable experience because I got to practice writing science stuff for the general public, which can be a little hard considering I understand most of what I’m reading and I know what I’m saying but the average person might not. It also got me used to a more reporterly deadline schedule with multiple things due during the day rather than the monthly cycle I was used to with Buzzsaw.

I graduated. That’s always nice.

I was not blessed with a job right after graduation, so I worked 3 days a week at my old computer job, 2 days a week at my internship, and 7 madrugadas a week delivering newspapers for a total of 58 hours a week. I’ll have another column about that coming up in a few weeks, but the TL;DR version of that is that the hardest part of delivering a newspaper is the time, with pissy customers with no concept of time at a close second. But one of the guys on my route was also a Royals fan, so he filled me in with baseball news if we ran into each other in the morning, and I got to listen to NPR.

I did get two job offers, but I had to turn down the first one with the Cortland Standard (yes, that Cortland) because I wasn’t going to be able to afford both rent and loans. The second one was at the company I was delivering for, so now I’m writing for the paper I delivered over the summer. I like it because it’s a little bit of everything (writing, layout, editing, town stuff versus features, etc.), and I get to be the person who writes happy cutesy things when the rest of the news is gloom, doom, and death.

I finally won NaNoWriMo after 3 unsuccessful attempts. I actually posted regularly about that so I won’t rewrite it here, but it was fun and I’m glad I was able to do it. I have a revision plan set up for next year, and I’m hoping to get the story done and at least partially edited by the end of July.

And I guess that’s it. Nothing catastrophic other than my loans, but those are my own fault. Overall a good year.


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