I have emerged successfully from the depths of NaNoWriMo. It only took four tries, and the exact word count changes depending on which backup you ask, but I finally hit 50K last night. Somehow it was a lot easier to get it done this year, though I’m not sure whether it was because of my schedule, my lack of local friends to distract me, or my need to get out of the house that was conveniently satisfied by weekly write-ins.

Admittedly, it wasn’t a piece of cake, either. I stayed up til 11 most weeknights to stay ahead of the 1,667 daily average, and I forwent my morning walks to hit the snooze button a bunch of times to make up for it. I didn’t do my best writing – it’s been a while since I’ve done any fiction, and I ended up using mostly dialogue to develop the story and answer the necessary questions. I had to deal with some unrealized internalized ageism when it came to my writing buddy (fortunately we get along well, but it turns out I really need to work on my agedar). And I had to do a lot of driving because apparently CT East only includes points north of Norwich, so it was either drive to Colchester and Glastonbury (which I would not count as “east”) or join CT Shoreline in New Haven.

So what now? I posted on FB for the first time in two months, realized I didn’t really miss much since I get my news through Twitter and obviously work, and still haven’t reinstalled the app on my phone because I can live without it. I picked up an old knitting project I started before I left for Ecuador, but that was mostly because I needed that set of needles for another project and totally forgot about the one I was working on, so now I need to finish this one first. I went to bed at 9:30 again last night and it was wonderful. I might try to convince myself not to hit those snoozes so I can get my morning stuff done earlier and practice that crappy student viola I bought myself for my birthday while no one else is home to hear me. And I’m planning on not touching my story until at least January so I can take a break and have some time to get some reading in and remind myself what novels are supposed to look and sound like.



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