Halfway point

So about that regular posting during NaNoWrimo… I guess 200 extra words every day was too much.

Anyway, things are going well. Today is the halfway point (25,000 words), and I’m at 26,163 today because today was productive and yesterday I spent way too many words on a fruit tray. I’ve only had two days when my daily word count hasn’t been at least the minimum, but I’ve always written enough to be on top of the overall minimum, and I’ve been shooting for 2,000 a day to cover days where I have a lot of stuff going on or when I’m severely lacking motivation or an idea. The rest of the month is a little worrisome because I’ve only made it to 27,000 in the past and that was only once, plus I’m working on a very basic outline because I passed the previous attempts with this story a long time ago. Write-ins and making writing buddies with other members of CT:East have definitely helped with morale and production.

Work has been going well too. Election Night went a lot more smoothly than I had expected, mostly because I had my story half-written ahead of time and my town’s counting was quick and painless (no recounts, no machine problems). Stories have been fun as well; check out the professional page for an up-to-date list because the paper’s website only lists the 10 most recent. And even though I drew the short straw for working on Thanksgiving (the girl who was me before me was originally scheduled and it was either that or rescheduling Christmas at four different houses on Dec. 25), that will be a nice paycheck.

Only 23,837 words to go!


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