Going mobile

It’s now officially November, which means it gets dark out before we eat dinner and I’ll be spending the rest of my free time furiously clacking away on my keyboard for NaNoWriMo.

I went to a kick-off for the CT East group in Glastonbury and drove up with a friend I met on the region page. I brought pan de muerto to share, and I was under the impression that it was a meet and greet with snacks and such, but everyone else decided it was a write-in at the last minute, so I was stuck with a skinny notebook and my phone for writing. I managed to get my minimum word count done at the library on my phone, but there’s only so much work you want to do when you only have two fingers to type with rather than ten. Fortunately, I spared a potential disaster by not bringing my laptop: I spilled my tea all over my workspace and my lap, so if I had been on my computer, it would’ve gotten soaked, as would my phone since the tea hit my right leg and my phone goes in that pocket. So yay?

Overall, Take #3 (#4? #5?) is going well so far – between the obligatory midnight segment, writing at the write-in on my phone, and finishing the first chapter at home tonight, I have 2,451 words (though that number changes depending on which software you ask, so I’m going with the lowest number). The minimum daily word count is 1,667, but my goal is 2k a day because even though I’m hoping to get some writing done in the morning before I go to work, I have rehearsal on Wednesday nights and don’t get home til after 9:30, so I won’t get much nighttime writing done on those nights. Plus things happen like family events, and Thanksgiving will not be forgiving because I’m back home this year and we have family coming out to visit.

So we’ll see how things go, and hopefully I’ll remember to post to keep non-Twitterites in the loop.


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