Back-to-school update

There are lots of things that I have missed out on while working 58 hours a week this summer, and posting is one of them. Fortunately that means I have a lot to provide updates on.

First, that interview I mentioned last time I posted. I ended up getting the position, but unfortunately with my student loans being as absurd as they are, I wouldn’t’ve been able to afford to make the move without picking up a second job. It really hurt having to turn that down because I know that part of the post-graduation experience is to be broke. And admittedly, part of me was ready to make that choice because I would’ve been closer to my boyfriend and Ithaca. But I couldn’t justify shooting myself in the financial foot.

It was probably about 5 or 10 minutes after I called my was-to-be editor to turn down the position because I couldn’t afford to move when I got a call from one of the editors for the local paper (the one I deliver for). I had almost forgotten about that application because I did it during the school year and it was at least a month later, but we set up an interview and that went pretty well. What followed was a two-month game of interview/phone tag: my schedule was a perpetual mess, then one of the editors I was supposed to interview with was sick, then he went on vacation, then the editor who called me first went on vacation, and finally I got the call two weeks ago that they accepted me. Pay scale was both more than the other place and more than what I was making at the computer place, and because it’s the local paper, I could stay at home while I got myself situated. And it meant I could drop the paper route; at first it was because I might be put on the reporter rotation and therefore have to work nights every once in a while, but honestly I deserve to sleep on a normal schedule.

So that’s where we are now. This morning was my last day delivering the papers (it was supposed to be Friday, but my manager made me stay a few extra days to train the new guy and I had to fight not to work tomorrow before my first day on the new job). Tomorrow, I start my position as the assistant to the community editor, which means that I help the editor who first called me (who happened to be a customer on my route) to produce a series of small hyperlocal weekly papers that are sent out in the mail. From what I understand, it’ll be a combination of editing and writing, plus I may have a part-time town beat as well. More info on that once I get it.

As for non-job things, I got another axolotl. For anyone who missed out on the drama from January, I rented out my boy axolotl, Chalchi, for breeding purposes, and while he made it there ok, he did not make it back. The breeder was going to give me half the eggs, but since I had too many other things to worry about, I told him that I just wanted a baby once I came home for the summer. It still doesn’t have an official name: I was going to continue with the Aztec tradition and name it Tonaca because Tonacatecuhtli is the Aztec god of food, Chalchi loved food, and the mom was named Burrito. In the meantime, my sister’s friend decided it was going to be called Chewy Jr. (she couldn’t remember Chalchi and Xochi so she called them Salty and Chewy, and even though the baby is technically Salty Jr., Chewy Jr. stuck). I’ve just been calling it the little one or the baby.

little one

I decided to get a yellow one because Chalchi was green, Xochi is black, and the pink ones kind of scare me.

In other fun news, our pool exploded at the beginning of the month because the inside rusted just enough without us knowing and the side just blew out. No one was in it at the time, thank goodness, but our yard and driveway was filled with rocks from around the pool, and my dog got caught in the wave and got soaked. The following weekend was our annual family picnic, which mostly involved people asking what I was doing, me saying I had no idea, eating smoked meat, and having to go to bed early like a loser because I had to do the route the next morning. The weekend after that I got to give my boyfriend the grand Connecticut tour because he’s barely left the state of New York, plus we hadn’t seen each other since graduation. I tell you what, trampoline parks are a lot of fun, but we were easily the oldest jumpers there and by far the sweatiest. An hour on a trampoline is a workout. And last Monday was my birthday, so we did a few days of sporadic birthday dinners and snacks and whatnot; I’m a little old for a party, plus I only have two friends in-state and again I was confined by my 7pm bedtime. I bought myself a cheap used student viola because I was corrupted by my strings class last semester and wanted to have something constructive to do in my newfound spare time.

The next adventure will be figuring out this whole professional journalism thing and hopefully getting a new(er) car at some point because I have one winter of snow driving under my belt and my car is old enough to drive itself. And who knows, maybe I’ll commit to NaNoWriMo in the coming weeks if I can come up with a decent idea.


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