Credit where it’s due

I probably can’t do enough justice for THREAD last week, but it was a blast and definitely worth going. The speakers were great (including our local NPR station’s Saturday afternoon lineup of Glynn Washington from Snap Judgement and Catherine Burns from The Moth), my workshop mentor and fellow group members were awesome, and I got to help eat the most ginormous crepe I’ve ever seen.

As if eating lunch with two prominent Middle Eastern journalists wasn't mind blowing enough.

As if eating lunch with two prominent Middle Eastern journalists wasn’t mind blowing enough.

Oh, and sleeping in was as nice as I was hoping… when my paper customers weren’t calling me at 5:30am to tell me that I (meaning my sub) didn’t deliver their papers on time/at all. As a journalism person, I totally respect and appreciate that people want to read their paper in the morning, but I’m pretty sure it’s not worth calling me at 5:30 in the morning when the slip of paper that had my phone number on it also said that I was at a conference from the 8th through the 10th. The one redeeming part about that debacle was that one of my customers who had called to say the paper wasn’t delivered correctly (she’s wheelchair-bound and needs to have it thrown right in front of the porch door) asked me about my conference the next time she called.

I also managed to get an interview on Friday, which is almost unheard of for me. Fortunately the editors were forgiving and didn’t make me drive 6 hours to do it in person, but technology didn’t want to cooperate, which forced us into a Skype/Google Hangouts/phone interview. I was also given a surprise writing test (my prompt was that one of the editors interviewing me died and I had to ask the two of them questions as various characters to get a quick story). Unfortunately I couldn’t touch it until about an hour before it was “due” because of my Friday sessions with Modern Notion (it was about 3pm and I still had two pieces to finish before 6), but somehow I managed 375 words. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I’m a hellaciously slow writer. The application is still being considered, but I’m sure I’ll post about whatever happens since this is the farthest I’ve ever been in the journalism job hunt.


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