A lot has happened journalistically in the last few weeks, so much that sometimes I have to sit back and wonder whether it’s actually happening. I came into the semester on 3 internship rejections, so I was primed for another summer of having to work at home because I couldn’t get anything relevant to what I’m paying $200,000+ for.

And then breakthrough #1 happened. I had emailed Edible Finger Lakes a while back to inquire about internship positions and hadn’t heard back, but about three weeks ago, I got a form email from one of their editors asking for online content (recipes, short posts about local agrifoodie tourism, etc). I had a few recipes under my belt from my sporadic food posts for Buzzsaw, so I responded saying I could contribute some recipes, and now here I am being commissioned to write a chili recipe for them for pre-Chilifest activities. I have two recipes on the site and the chili one in the editorial process.

Breakthrough #2 was a little rockier, but after a few calendar mishaps, I am now the editorial intern for Modern Notion, which is a site that covers fun science and history stories. I initially applied for the summer, but they wanted me sooner, so my Fridays are now spent freelancing, which is awesome.

Between the internship and having to pick up extra hours with my on-campus job, I had to cut down on my bar hours, but hey, if it’s to do something relevant to what I’m going to school for, right on.

All my external posts can be found under my portfolio tab. I’ll probably reorganize it after graduation to make it a little more clear.


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