Winding down

Today was a nice and relaxing day full of bread and walks and friendly people, which is a refreshing change from the two previous days. I mean, my meeting got cancelled without me knowing and the line at the post office was freakishly long because the system of the one I usually go to was down, but hey, pick your battles. Besides, 42 pesos for two delicious filled croissants and a sizeable baguette from the French bakery near my bartending classes makes up for it. And I ate all of it because I could (also because bread like that goes bad quickly).

Anyway, I only have two more days left here in BA (and no SUBE card…) so I’m just going to take it easy and chill. I will miss the practically ubiquitous access to bread and chocolate, but it’s probably for the better that I can’t just walk downstairs and buy chocolate when I’m at home or school. At least here I have to walk a half hour on average to get lunch, whereas class is only a 20 minute walk from the apartment and I don’t get any walking in at home because we have no sidewalks and I enjoy living.

Related: I will definitely be stocking up on dulce de leche and chimichurri when I get back. Neither of those sound like they travel well, especially since they’d likely be eaten if they were in my carryon, but Wegmans sells Argie dulce de leche and I found a good chimichurri recipe, so I should be set.

I did enjoy it here, and I hope to come back if I can, but I’m also ready to go home and start class again. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do when I graduate because working doesn’t seem as fulfilling as being in school, and there’s no way I can afford grad school at this stage in the game when I already have $80K+ of debt waiting for me. Plus if I have to deal with anti-science haters more often…

(I know, dealing with people who don’t understand what you’re writing is part of the job, but if I can avoid flame wars, that would be lovely.)


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