Taking a step back

Those of you who know me personally know that I get into arguments very easily, especially about things I care about. Unfortunately, the things I care about are also things that are often very controversial for varying reasons of varying degrees of validity. Combine that with two long family lines of stubbornness and you can probably guess that the war started yesterday was not very easy on me. But at that point, what can you do? I’m not going to give up because their arguments are invalid. They’re not going to give up because they’re not listening to me anyway. Was my article super awesome and perfect in every way? Of course not. Am I proud of it? Damn right I am. So I’m not going to waste my time with their inability to comprehend the situation.

In lighter news, it was supposed to rain today, so I ended up staying close to find lunch rather than walking an hour to the place I had in mind (I had to hand in my public transportation card yesterday and the bus costs twice as much without it). I chanced upon a cute little cafe where I had pizza with arugula, mushrooms, and brie, and it tasted good but the toppings were thrown on right before serving, so it was more like a salad on top of a pizza rather than a pizza with said toppings. I know that’s how pizzas with arugula work, but still.

I also made a run to the post office because I had 5 letters left to write and I needed something to calm me down last night. It’s kinda funny in an annoying way how every time I go to the post office, I’m told that the letters are 23 pesos each, not the 20 I put on each. I’ve been to the post office several times not only during this trip but also since the price jumped from 20 to 23, so I know that each costs 23 pesos rather than the 20 I put on there, but I only have stamps in 10 peso increments. That’s kinda why I’m at the window with varying amounts of pesos in my hand telling you where each letter is going. I know my Spanish isn’t stellar, and I know I don’t say “estampizhus” correctly, but I used more than 400 pesos worth of stamps in six weeks, so I kinda know what I’m doing at this point. Also it doesn’t help when they make me cover the envelope in 25-cent stamps because they don’t have bigger ones adding up to 3 pesos but don’t think to use the label printer. Nevertheless, writing letters is one of those weird things I like doing, and it’s only fitting to include Argentina in my personal mission to singlehandedly save the postal system, one country at a time. The stamps are certainly expensive enough.


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