Trying my luck

Overall, I’ve been pretty lucky foodwise in my adventures abroad.  Aside from those stomachly-questionable salchipapas I ate in Ecuador and that chicken empanada last week with surprise peppers and onions, nothing I’ve bought has been terrible, and really most of it has been pretty good, which is nice. I know that having hits and misses is part of any experience, food or otherwise, but I’ve been surprisingly lucky.

Today was a little different. Of course, I kept my string of good luck because my lunch was quite yummy, but we didn’t get to the Peruvian restaurant til almost 2, the service (for us, anyway) was horrendously slow, my friend’s dish wasn’t that great, and the waitress kept my change as an assumed tip. The only reason why I didn’t put up a fight is because my dish was worth the tip. It was ajiaco de conejo, which translates to something yummy with rabbit. I don’t know what was in the sauce, but it was seasoned really well, and this is going to sound super cliché but the meat really did taste like chicken, though maybe a bit meatier. The potatoes were really good too, and the rice soaked up the excess sauce. Good stuff.

I also finally got my second article published, which was a relief after working on it for almost a month. My editors and the postdoc researcher I interviewed were super helpful in making it happen.

And finally I got to visit El Ateneo, which is this cool bookstore that used to be a theater house. I had walked past it several times without really looking in because I just assumed it was a plain old bookstore, but then a girl in my program posted a link about it, so I had to go back and check it out. The old balconies were transformed into reading rooms, and the stage was the eating area. I’d post pictures, but my laptop is still broken.


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