Last hurrah

Would you look at that, I fell off the posting bandwagon again. To be fair, I hadn’t done a whole lot aside from making a complete jerk out of myself by ordering 110 pesos worth of food when I only had 100 on me at the time and narrowly escaping a super creepy guy in the one and possibly only time I’ll go out to a dance thing.

BUT. This is my last week here, so I need to make this special. How? With a food romp, of course. I realized this when talking to my mom yesterday because she asked what I had planned for my last week, adding that I could take out a little extra money if I needed to so because I might not be able to come back, and aside from the Feria de Mataderos, all the other places were restaurants. I’m not terribly surprised, though: I hit the museums I wanted to see, I don’t have money to go to Mendoza or Patagonia or whatever, and I’m not terribly fashion conscious (plus they have a weird obsession with platform shoes here). So what does that leave? Food. And with my unofficial goal to hit as many PITF joints as I can (eight so far), I have my work more than cut out for me anyway.

Today: delivery. I know that’s kinda lame because I can get delivery at school, but I still wanted to give it a go, plus I’m weird about walking around at night by myself. Unfortunately, the sushi place I wanted to get delivery from had a higher minimum than what I had (and was capable of eating), and then the burrito place I was going to order from didn’t deliver to the apartment, so I settled on a teriyaki steak stir fry thing. The veggies weren’t terribly exciting (tasted good but just shredded cabbage and carrots), but holy goodness the steak was tender. I was also bad and made a barebones version of my bartending project with vanilla ice cream, a bit of Baileys, and cookie crumbs.

The slightly more official food romp starts tomorrow with lunch with some of my program friends.


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