Life’s lemons

One of the main things I’ve learned on this trip (and I guess in life in general) is how to work with what you have. Here, it’s been things like the limited funds I’ve allotted myself or my certainly-less-than-fluent-but-mostly-functional Spanish skills when interacting with my host family and people at restaurants. At home, it’s been things like working on an early schedule and finding stuff to do when my friends aren’t a room away. And at school, it’s been things like cooking for one because it’s a lot harder than I thought.

But when I think about it, I don’t really have a method to my coping skills, whether they’re applied to tchotchke things like the aforementioned or serious things like death or divorce. I just… do it. It’s really frustrating because I’ve gotten to the age where these things happen more often, and I’ve been through them too, but either I’ve been so removed from it (my parents got divorced when I was six and I turn 21 in a month and change) or I haven’t been in exactly that situation, so not only can I not directly compare, I can’t explain my coping process to help others. This trip has been especially weird for that, having one friend’s parents start a divorce and three framily members lose a close relative in the span of a month. Obviously it’s all about them and their feelings, and I want to help, but I’m not much help when I just… do it.

Maybe that’s just it, then. Maybe there is no method, no rhyme or reason to how one adjusts to significant change or really any change. Maybe everyone just… does it, but getting there is different, and maybe all we can do to help our friends in times like this is to pick them back up and put them back on their own track.

And provide ice cream. Ice cream always helps. Happy National Ice Cream Day, estadounidenses, and happy Día de los Amigos, Argentines.


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