This past week was just weird on a few different counts. My article for last Monday was never edited because one of my editors was in Montana for a wedding and the other was busy doing real journalism on the vulture funds negotiations. I didn’t get a whole lot done otherwise because their schedules meant no meetings and no responses to emails, plus Wednesday was the semifinals and Independence Day. And today I braved the crowds and went to Plaza San Martin to watch the final, in which I got to deal with everyone smoking and drinking and lighting off firecrackers, and even now people are still honking and cheering, even though we lost.

But hey, some good things came out of it too. For one, stores will actually be open tomorrow, which is good because I have laundry to do and food to buy. I was a big girl and drank two cups of coffee in one day (granted, it was café con leche so more like coffee with training wheels, but I don’t drink coffee, so this is huge). I went to a pretty neat tango show Friday night like the super cultured person I probably should be.

The highlight, however, has to be finding a café that does both food and 3D printing. I know it’s an odd combination, but it’s a wonderful one considering how much I love both of those things. If you don’t have a 3D printer at home, you can give them a design or model and they can print it for you, or you can rent one or buy one to print your own stuff at home. If you do have one, they sell filament and will fix it if you break it.  And hello, it’s full of food and 3D printers. I’m not sure what else I need.

Bonus: They’re also looking to expand to other cities. If I had any money whatsoever, I would totally consider bringing this brilliant idea back to the States.


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