Part of the adventure

Part of the initiation process of any trip is getting lost. I’ve gotten a little mixed up here and there so far this trip, but today’s adventure was the first time in which I actually had to hail a cab to get back to where I was going. But hey, at least there’s a fun story with it. My program offers fun perks for its participants like free food when we get together to watch World Cup games and lots of tour opportunities. Last weekend, I attempted their tour of La Boca/San Telmo/Puerto Madero, but it had been cancelled without me knowing, so I ended up hanging out the rest of the day the other girl from the program who had also showed up. Not to be defeated this weekend, we actually RSVPed to the tour like we were supposed to, but we didn’t realize it was a walking tour and there was a tour bus that left at the same time, so we got on that instead because our directors said it was already paid for. Of course, the bus people had no idea what we were talking about and dropped us off at the next stop so we could get back, but then my sense of direction failed us and we ended up walking a few blocks in what ended up being the wrong direction before our guide called to ask us where we were. At that point, we ran a few more blocks before realizing it was the wrong direction, so we ended up hailing a cab and finally got back 20 minutes late. Whoops.

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Directional ineptitude aside, it was pretty neat to see other parts of the city we hadn’t been to before, and the end of the tour was two blocks away from another PITF site I had wanted to check out, so we ate dinner there on the way back to the subway.


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