Choripán and champagne

One of these things is significantly better than the other, but you have to guess or read on to find out which one. It’s a Friday night and I probably should be out with people, but I never went out at school where I had friends, so it’s a little difficult to do it here where I still don’t really know anyone. Nevertheless, I’ve been on a few adventures of my own around the city. Alright, I didn’t do a whole lot Monday, largely due to sleeping in til 12 (I hadn’t gotten much sleep on the bus from Bahía to Quito, ok?) I spent most of the day inside putting my clothes away and whatnot, and then I went to my orientation thing for The Bubble, which is the online publication I’m writing for while I’m here. It’s super chill, everyone is cool, and I’ll be doing science stuff in addition to working on a dictionary of Lunfardo (Argentine slang). Tuesday was mostly walking on Santa Fe, which is a pretty central street a block up from the apartment. I had to go to the money transfer office to pick up my pesos, but because I was told not to carry my real passport in case it got stolen, I only had a copy of it on me and they wanted the real thing, so I had to walk all the way back home and then all the way back to the office. And then I spent way too much money on stamps and a super awkward romantic lunch by myself. Wednesday: I finally met other people in my abroad program, which was nice. We watched the Argentina/Nigeria game at a bar and ate cheesy fries and I even suffered through a cup of beer (seriously, I don’t get why people drink it because it’s gross), but aside from the beer, it was fun. After that, I went to the natural science museum as part of an article I’m writing on science attractions around Buenos Aires. It was a lot like the one in NYC, but it was very Argentina-centric, so there were a lot of new things to learn. Yesterday: To continue my science tour, I went to the Participatory Museum, which is basically a science museum designed so you can (and have to) touch everything. It’s all buttons and cords and levers and stuff you interact with to see the science in action. The Bubble also had their monthly champagne party, so after missing the bus, stepping in dog poop, and almost getting off at the wrong stop, I got to not know anyone there beyond my edit0rs and suffer through a glass of champagne before leaving an hour after I got there. And then I had to explain to my host mom why I was home so early. (On telling this story to a friend back home, the response I got was “wow you are awkward as hell, but I already knew this.”) Today: In recovering from the stress of last night, I went to the planetarium to check out a show they had on collisions in space, like nuclear fission in the sun, how the moon was formed, and how the dinosaurs were killed. I also got a chorizo sandwich (choripán) from a street vendor, which was cool. I finished up my draft of the article and poked one of my editors to have her look it over before I publish, being the first article and all. And now here I am. Oh, and all week I’ve been working on finalizing my family for an RPG that the aforementioned friend and his buddies are working on because that’s what happens when you’re in Ecuador and have to stay inside most of the day in fear of getting burnt.


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