Adventures of not having wi-fi

I know I promised to at least attempt to keep up with blogging while abroad, but that’s a little difficult when I hadn’t been able to access the wifi on my laptop since Monday morning and the homeowner wasn’t around to reset the router for my roommate and I (turns out she had to go 4 hours to Guayaquil to get a tooth fixed). What’s really weird is that some of our fellow program-mates can get online just fine on their laptops, so I was able to jump online yesterday with theirs to make sure my mom knew I wasn’t dead, but blogging is a little more time-intensive than I feel comfortable with on another computer. In the meantime, I started a Word doc of recaps of what I would’ve blogged about, and I’ll keep updating it there if the wifi craps out again.

Monday was our first full day in Bahía de Caráquez. Our program director (the wife of one of my Spanish professors) had an interview at the local radio station to talk about what we’re doing, so we tagged along with her and then walked around town a bit to see what it was like. There’s one part with little carts of clothing and handmade jewelry and stuff like that, plus stores with that sort of stuff and little restaurants and stuff like that. It’s a neat little town to poke around.

We came back and hung around the house until lunch at our director’s gramma’s house, which was a big bowl of soup with beef and corn and carrots and whatnot and then rice and beans and steak cooked with peppers and onions; I suffered through some of the onions, but I didn’t attempt the peppers. The actual class part of the trip was 2-5, but it was mostly just introducing each other and what we’re doing as well as an intro into ethnography and what that will entail for the documentary project.

After that, we went out to dinner where I got a shrimp empanada and a bolon de verde, which is a ball of mashed green plantain that also came with queso (other kinds came with their version of pork rinds). The director of the museum where we’re holding our classes then came to show us around town a bit more and then hung out with us at the park next to the Pacific-facing beach (one beach faces the ocean and the other faces the river).

More daily updates as I get around to writing them.


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