Getting acquainted

After a day of flying, another day of bus riding, and a wifi router that has been reset, I’m finally settled into Bahía. I’m not entirely sure where to start with my preliminary reflection considering I’ve been here… 14 hours, but minus the bus ride, it seems pretty cool so far.

I know I said Quito driving was scary (at least from the airport to the hotel), but parts of the trip from Quito here were terrifying. We had to get from the mountains down to the coast, but that required going on a road on which we were at times maybe 5 feet from going flying off the side of the mountain. What made it worse was the super thick fog, i.e. you couldn’t see that you were 5 feet from going flying off the side of the mountain.

Aside from that and the 8 hour duration, it wasn’t that bad. We stopped halfway at a restaurant where I got a really good amount of food for $3.75 (plus it tasted good), and the views were really pretty.

The house we’re staying in here has a lot of character. There’s a courtyard with a bunch of fruit trees (the homeowner picked us some starfruit off the tree closest to our room) and a slide in case we want to be 5 and really cool wooden tables and benches so we can sit outside and eat. The city itself is neat too with lots of little shops and a bunch of food vendors (not quite food trucks but side-of-the-road type stuff).

Later today we’ll be starting the class portion of the program, which will be half learning about how ethnographies work in an anthropological context as well as learning about the local food 🙂


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