Adventures in the airport

I still have another two hours before my flight to Quito leaves Guayaquil – yes, I realize the silliness of flying from JFK to Guayaquil on the way to Quito – so I’ll take some time to eat the sandwich I bought and reflect on my trip so far.

  • Flat Stanleys are a little silly, but I like doing them anyway. I brought along a small dinosaur I bought last year at the Boston Museum of Science, and popular vote named him Theodore, so he’s featured in all my pictures so far.

I like how he looks like he’s enjoying everything way too much.

  • Waking up at 3:30 is not fun regardless of what day it is but especially on a Saturday. I’m glad we left by 5, though, because otherwise I wouldn’t’ve had time to eat before my 9:50 flight.
  • Security is inconsistently weird. At JFK, it was slow as all getup, but when I had to go back through here after going through immigration and customs, the only reason why it took me as long as it did is because I *ahem* apparently still had my multitool on me, and they hadn’t noticed it at JFK (I have no idea how). But other than that, it was super quick here.
  • There was real food on the plane! I mean, it was just the little box lunch, but it had ravioli and a teeny salad and bread and stuff, which is better than the crappy old sandwich I was expecting to eat and way better than the pretzels I usually get stuck with.
  • Almost everyone here speaks English to me. Granted, I know I stick out like a sore thumb because I’m blond, but it still surprised me. I’ll admit it was a little nice having them speak English while I was trying to go through immigration and stuff because I was/am a little nervous.
  • And as silly as this is, I’m a little disappointed that Ecuador uses American money. It’s a lot more convenient, yes, but it’s not as fun.

I’m not sure whether I’ll post again tonight or tomorrow before we leave for Bahía de Caráquez, but my goal is to post daily if I can.


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