The rundown

I feel bad for the lack of posting, but working full time and being home in general has sapped not only the content I might have but also the time I have to post it. Now that I have my summer established, however, I felt it was fitting to fill in all of my adoring fans with what I’m doing.

To make a long story short, I’m going on an eight-week journalistic adventure in South America. The first two weeks will be spent in Bahía de Caráquez in Ecuador to work on a food documentary with La Poderosa Media Project, which is run by one of my Spanish professors and his wife. The second leg will be a six-week program with Mente Argentina in Buenos Aires, the majority of which will be an internship writing for The Bubble but which also includes a two-week bartending course. Everything is paid for, and it came out to about 5K, which is a sizable chunk of change, but considering what I’m doing with it, I’d say it’s a pretty good deal.

I’m looking forward to this trip for several reasons. One, it’s my first real internship, so I actually get to utilize what I’m learning rather than pushing computers for submarine designers or pouring beer for baseball fans. My normal summer jobs aren’t bad gigs, but if I’m going to be writing for a living, I need relevant experience. Two, I’ve only been abroad to England and Canada for a day, so this will be my first international adventure to a place that isn’t a lot like where I’ve already been. Three, both places will be food adventures; the documentary includes a cooking show-style segment with locals, and Argentina has a killer barbecue style that I’m really looking forward to. And four, this is just going to be awesome in general.

I’m planning to blog every day while I’m abroad because I should have internet access the entire time, but as my previous blogging experience has showed, the daily component might be an issue. I’ll be sure to at least update with how I’m doing and any fun things that happen, so stay tuned!

Bonus: I might be able to kill three academic birds (i.e. journalism, Spanish, and science) with one traveling stone. I poked Latin American Science, a site I follow on Twitter, to see if they had any correspondents in Buenos Aires that I might be able to meet up with and brain-pick, and they said that they’d hook me up with some contact info.


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