Coming to a close

This semester/year, I mean. Not the blog, don’t worry.

This class (and by extension Twitter account, blog, etc) has been a fun experiment. I’m not much for public engagement, especially as a science journalist. It’s hard enough getting my family to read my science stuff, let alone anyone else. But I’m glad I got on the Twitter bandwagon because of all the people that I’ve been able to creep on interact with. It also helps that any science news I get on there is accurate because the people I follow shred any inaccurate stories before I see them.

Of course, there’s always room for improvement. I wasn’t exactly good about posting on weeks when we weren’t scheduled anything (like this week…), and non-story blog posts were often a little hard to scrape together. And don’t get me started on my stats.

Aside from that, though, it’s been a good experience, and I’m definitely planning on keeping it semi-frequent, especially during the next episode of my journalistic career: an 8-week adventure in South America, with 2 weeks doing food documentary stuff in Ecuador and 6 weeks in Buenos Aires doing some sort of internship-type thing. I’ll setup a separate tab for those posts for easy access. That’ll start the second week in June, so stay tuned for that while I work full-time for the next month to help defray the costs.

Thanks for sticking with me!


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