The return

I know that being on break doesn’t give me much of an excuse for not posting considering I have a laptop, but once I missed the first few days due to traveling and family things, I decided to give myself a full week off. 

Home wasn’t terribly exciting. I mostly just stayed home doing homework; I have good-sized projects coming up in a few classes, so I took advantage of the time home by not going to work and instead getting a jump on assignments that are going to sneak up on me at more or less the same time next month. I also got to play the fun game of “Let’s see how many family members I can possibly eat with” because a week doesn’t give much time for everyone to share me.

My week finished with a trip to Cooperstown. My stepdad is a pretty big baseball fan, and in the time before I understood how blogging worked, I had a pretty embarrassing baseball blog that mostly consisted of me obsessing over my favorite players and posting what might as well have been status updates before I understood how Facebook worked as well. At any rate, neither of us had been, but we drive past the exit every time we drive between home and school, so we decided to drive up Friday morning, poke around the museum, spend the night, and drive the rest of the way to Ithaca today.

I have to say that Cooperstown isn’t really at all what I expected. It’s portrayed as this mecca of baseball greatness and booming metropolis of a summer vacation spot. Of course, it didn’t help that we went in winter, but Cooperstown itself is … not terribly exciting. Half of the businesses were closed (again, winter), but it looks like a cute little town that you might accidentally come across if you got lost Sunday driving. And the parking. Holy goodness.

Weird quibbles aside, the Baseball Hall of Fame more or less lived up to the glory. They fit a surprising amount of stuff in the building — my stepdad and I pulled up and were like “That’s it?” — but it was nice because it wasn’t cramped. Aside from at the end, we were one of only a few families there, so we got to spend as much or as little time looking as we wanted, and we ended up spending more than four hours in the place.

I liked how they broke it down like a timeline, starting with the super old stuff like bats that look like you could kill someone with them and gloves that looked like glorified gardening gloves and finishing with an up-to-date locker room-style exhibit of the current teams and some featured players. It also helped that a few of my favorites were in there, but that’s (mostly) aside the point. They also had some side rooms, like one for just Babe Ruth, but I really liked the ones about women in baseball and the Negro Leagues because I wrote a paper about both and the Latino players one because it was cool to see how they commemorated such a large portion of the player population (plus I could read both languages in the exhibit). We were a little tired by the time we got to the plaques, but what I didn’t realize was that it wasn’t just players who got them but also managers and Negro League players, so that was pretty neat too.

The rest of our trip was a little odd but overall not bad. Our hotel was under renovation, but our room was fine except for it being ungodly hot; it’s something for me to say the room is hot considering I’ll wear jeans up to 80 degrees. Dinner was an adventure because the town website doesn’t say whether the restaurants are open in the offseason, so we drove between our hotel and the town three or four times trying to find the place to find out it’s not open. We settled for this kind of divey place that was weirdly nice but had solid pub grub food, plus we had some good chatting time because we don’t often go out to eat just the two of us, and we finished the night in our hotel room eating Samoas and watching one of those silly ghost hunter shows.

We left in the morning with an odd breakfast in the hotel, finished the drive to Ithaca, drove all around the city trying to do our errands and not realizing two of the three places didn’t open til 12, sort of accidentally cut in line getting lunch (the people ahead of us didn’t realize you had to put your name on the list and my stepdad had a 6-hour drive ahead of us), and I’ve been back for good since about 3.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming!


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