Weekly Roundup – 1 Mar 2014

From Freshly Squeezed Science:

  • STAP process investigation: The study that created stem cells from somatic cells is being looked at after other trials proved inconclusive. This “breakthrough” could’ve been a big deal, so this definitely needs to be looked at.
  • Tequila byproduct bioplastic: I wrote about this earlier in the week on here, but the basic idea is that bacteria can convert leftovers from the production process into the acid used to make biodegradable plastic.
  • Together ScienceOnline: I also wrote about this earlier in the week here, but ScienceOnline held a conference thing for journalists, scientists, educators, and so on about science communication. I’m really hoping I can go next year (February 18-21 in Atlanta).
  • Three-parent embryos: Who doesn’t love a little controversy? The FDA is considering allowing in-vitro to include taking mitochondria from a donor egg in the case of mothers with mitochondrial disorders. Cue the “designer babies” speech.
  • Cheese science 101: Dairy researcher Michael Tunick wrote a book all about cheese science and wrote an article for Wired answering FAQs. I’m all for this, though admittedly the breast milk cheese one grossed me out a little for some reason.

Meatspace: The gamer symphony orchestra I’m in is playing a song from the game Journey this semester, and the composer, Austin Wintory, is coming to visit our rehearsal tomorrow. I’m excited, both because a big-name guy is coming and because there’s no way I can screw up because I don’t play in that song. Here’s his version. Enjoy!


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