From FSS: ScienceOnline dedicates a weekend to revolutionizing science on the Internet

This is a modified version of this post.

For my mobile and social media journalism class, we have to keep tabs on journalists and leaders in our beat, and because my beat is science (I know, shocker), I have a list of science people I follow on Twitter and Facebook and such. This week, I’ve seen a lot of the hashtag #scio14, so I decided to check it out, and I’ve decided that I needed to hitchhike my way down to Raleigh for ScienceOnline Together.  The event, which started today with tours of various science hotspots in the city, starts with sessions tomorrow and continues through Saturday.

The nonprofit that runs it, ScienceOnline, seeks to gather experts from around the field of science communication (teachers, journalists, researchers, etc) to talk about how to best get their ideas out online. This weekend’s event was started in 2007 and has since branched out to additional conferences that cover more specific parts of science communication, such as the brain, climate, and a teen conference. They also run ScienceSeeker, an aggregator of science news and blogs; their current tally is at more than 1,200 sites.

For those of us who are not at the event, the #scio14 hashtag a wonderful mix of seriousness, snarkiness, and silliness; Discover Mag blogger Kyle Hill is particularly fun to follow in general but especially this weekend.

In addition to attending the event vicariously through Twitter, I’m enjoying the lineup of sessions they have for this weekend. They have a few on specific topics such as women in science or non-English science communication, how to make science accessible to the average joe (and subsequently how to make the average joe think more scientifically), and how to utilize online resources for science and science communication. If that’s not enough of an incentive, they also have breaks in which participants get together for games and even a costume gala.

Unfortunately for me, registration has been closed for a while, as they only take about 450 people. There’s also the issue of my lack of money (it’s 350 bucks), transportation (more money I don’t have), plus that thing called class. But if I can get in next year…


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