Weekly Roundup – 23 Feb 2014

This week was also a bit sparse because I had three tests and two articles to work on, but here’s a quick recap.

From Freshly Squeezed Science:

  • The Cambridge Science Festival: Boston, among other cities around the world, hosts a big science party for the public every April. The Museum of Science, the universities, and a bunch of local organizations get together to show everyone all the fun things you can do with science.
  • Constant bio-monitoring: A study in Seattle will examine vitals and more in 100 healthy individuals for nine straight months to see if there are any long-term patterns that “predict” the onset of certain conditions. Blood proteins, sleep cycles, DNA, you name it, they’re tracking it.
  • WaPo and press releases: This was a pretty huge story that I already posted here, and I got a lot of retweets for this, which was awesome.
  • Lady chemist boycott: The International Congress on Quantum Chemistry, which will be held in Beijing in June, won’t be seeing too many female attendees. Every speaker on their list was male, and several female chemists are boycotting the event due to lack of inclusion.

    Picture from Wikimedia Commons by a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Unported 3.0 License

  • Kakapo breeding season: It’s a breeding year for everyone’s favorite flightless parrot, but this year is special because it’s the first time eggs were found at the new reduced-monitor site on Little Barrier Island.

ICYMI: I wrote an article on last weekend’s Chilifest, which you can read (and see) here. I would’ve announced as soon as I put it online, but my professor had to check it over for edits.

Nothing exciting to report in meatspace. This weekend was dedicated to work, homework, and internship apps.

Question for the masses this week: what do you think about the AP not using the Oxford comma? I have a feeling it bothers me a lot more than it really should.


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