A formal introduction

I created this site earlier in the week as part of a class on mobile and social media journalism, but I haven’t had much time to figure out where I’d like to go with this and what I want to provide to my readers. I’ve decided to use this space to provide a weekly roundup of my field of expertise (science journalism) and general meatspace things, as well as other journalistic endeavors through class and extracurricular publications. Unfortunately, that means the site will be a bit sparse for the next week or two until I get rolling, but in the meantime, feel free to check out my Twitter page for ramblings throughout the day.

So who am I? As my super exciting About page explains, I’m a junior journalism major at Ithaca College (we’re the next hill over from Cornell and have a better view of Lake Cayuga than they do). I like science, food, music, and playing games with my friends on the weekends. I’ve played percussion since fifth grade, including in our gamer symphony orchestra here on campus, and just picked up bass clarinet for fun. I enjoy making a mess in the kitchen and taking up too much space in the fridge with my gastronomical creations. I have three jobs on campus with the IT department, the mail department, and a community service program through which I volunteer at a library over at Cornell, but I’ve also worked in the dining hall, the children’s science museum downtown (which was a blast), and at a dentist office, baseball stadium concession stand, and IT department for a defense contractor back home. I like to think of myself as a jack of all trades, especially considering I have three minors outside of the communications school.

As for you, I hope I can inform, entertain, and inspire with my content and snark. Feel free to poke me with any questions, concerns, requests, good recipes, etc.


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